8. Data API and Halloween

Halloween just past, there are a lot of interesting events happened and that inspired me to creat a simple creative coding sketch to celebrate the Halloween. The sketch is called Color Halloween and I used the data function of API to get the data resources, and the format of the data I used is Jason.


I would like to create a pumpkin with different color eyes and mouth when color data is picked.  I had a lot of problems this week, the first thing is I cannot load my coding result on the open processing. Actually, I also interested in many other data, but it doesn’t show even on local, and I cannot check the result, which makes me frustrating.

My original idea is when just use a text box to let the users enter their favorite color, and the color will be shown. However, I found out that, a menu button is much better in this situation because maybe sometimes people’s favorite color is not on the data list. I learn the menu function, and menu changed function from Professor’s code example, and that really works for me.

Now, this project is about when you pick your favorite color from the data list, then there will be a pumpkin with your favorite color’s eyes and mouth pop out, and a text ” Happy Halloween!” will also be shown in your favorite color.

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