Written Response to “Ira Glass on Storytelling 1 & 2”

In the video, Ira Glass talked two important aspects used in a good storytelling: a sequence of events and moments of reflection.

For the part of the sequence of event, he mentioned that each event, whatever how boring or how interesting the sorry is, it’s always a sequence of events, because things always happened along the timeline. When time moves forward, there’s always something happening next, so we need to raise the issue or problem and then solve the problem in the storyline.I agree with this point because I believe the sequence organization can help me have a clear logic. In the creative thinking process of design, a clear logic flow is really important in telling the story of design whatever a game or a product design.

Another tool he talked in building story box is a moment of reflection. That part pointed out why the audience listens to the story. A good storytelling not only needs to store a sequence of events but needs to focus on the bigger part and critical idea of the story. The satiric thing here is sometimes an interesting story has a meaningless reflection, but a meaningful reflection comes with a boring storyline. It’s important to get the balance between these two important elements in our creative thinking process, and I was really inspired by the video, and it helps me to thinking method of storytelling in the next step design process.

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