Pre-thesis- Week5

How do People’s Memories and Ideologies related to their Night Dreams?

Step 1 – Stakeholder Map


Step 1A – Stakeholders List


High pressure groups: Students, busy middle-aged people

old people

Patients: psychiatric patients, physiological patients

Step 2 – Person


Step 2A – User List


1. Weibo Liu – 5 years old


  1. Qingqing Wang – 21 years old
  2. Yumeng Shi – 23 years old
  3. Hanyu Tan- 25 years old
  4. Sophia Cai – 24 years old


  1. Yueqin Ni -28 years old
  2. Chenghuang -28 years old
  3. Ye Wang – 49 years old
  4. Ruifeng Ni -49 Years old

Old People:

1. Meiseng Wang – 81 years old

Step 3: Summary of five articles

Link to Dialog Journal

Step 4: Experiment

1. What new media and technology can help people to represent and perform their dreams in a unique virtual way?

– experiment a: using the motion capture, Maya and AR to represent and perform a virtual role in a dream.

2. How do human dreams relate to phenomenology and neurophysiology?



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