1. Define your topic loosely. Is this an autobiographical piece? A surreal fantasy? A polemical work? An abstract experiment? Come up with a paragraph composed of 3-4 sentences that describes your project theme.

My topic is about a surreal fantasy theme virtual reality game. I would like to build an interesting and healing dream environment for nightmares sufferers for finding, caring, and competing. In the game, users can follow the plots and pull together a complete storyline of the character they, and they can have some interaction with the virtual characters in the game.

2. Begin to build and accumulate assets:

Characters I build and modeling I build and found

3. Create a mood board, (a collage consisting of images text and samples of objects in a composition. This is used to convey a general idea and feeling about your topic).


4. Set priorities – List what things are most important to creating the VR experience you are imagining.

  • The Game mechanism: Make people feel comfortable, calm, interesting, happy, and want to experience that again
  • The Game narrative: attractive, and has many facetious plots, and surprise.
  • The seniors: The cozy space, such as a home; the open space – relaxable; the surreal fantasy space, people can do they cannot do there.
  • Characters: link to different plots
  • Audio
  • The object and elements: which can push the plots.


  1. Determine a schedule – Within the 10 weeks, you have left to produce this project, create a calendar that includes tasks and milestones.


  2. Begin to think about who your target audience is. Who ultimately would you like to experience your VR work? An individual who has a VR device in their office or studio? An institution, such as a school, gallery, museum, non-profit or arcade? Consider:

    My target uses are nightmare sufferers and any individuals with high daily pressure. I would like to create a surrealism video game for them to play at home and provide interesting replayability for them. Any individual who has a VR device can be my potential users. The goal of the design is to make an interesting, healing VR experience that is accessible to people, whether or not they have suffered from nightmares. The game is building on the nightmare sufferers’ experiences and input as inspiration.

  3.  What are the conditions, if you can control, for a visitor to interact with your experience?

        I hope the condition would be a  private space for my users because for some nightmare suffers, the dream content for them is a private experience. Although it is a relatively private space, users can still invite their friends to see how they gonna explore the dream space, so I hope other ones can share the screens when the player is playing.

     4. Layout your virtual space in a physical space. Try to clear out a space that is 7ft x 7ft.

Integrating Art: compiling all of my assets
User Testing Form Round 2: