Respond to Zander Reyna:

Last week, we have Zander Reyna as a guest speaker for us. He talked about his experience and VR projects in the presentation, and his presentation impressed and attractive. One of the important points he mentioned is about the movement in the VR world. He compared his previous work and recent work for us and pointed out that it’s important to use teleportation to move from spot to spot instead of just simply work around the VR space with the controller because of the teleportation can reduce the dizzy feeling.

I totally agree with his suggestions, because for my project when I do the user testing part, some users reported that they feel so dizzy when they just move with the controller, so I do iteration by using the teleportation. Zander also reviewed our project, and for my project, he suggested me to watch the movie What Dreams May Come and the video game  No Man’s Sky to get more inspiration; I talked about that I want to provide the feature of flying in the VR experience, he said it’s will be really hard for users to not feel dizzy with that feature, and if I still want to try, make sure I keep the movement in a constant speed.  All of  his suggestion is useful, and I would will do modify based on his suggestion.