Responses to the conversation with Leah and Indira


This week we had Leah and Indira to be our guest speaker, and they shared their projects and working experience for us. I think both of their works are really cool, and creative.

Idira shared her work about the social and news VR experiences. One of her works is about discussing abortion issues and what patients may face during the whole process. The project not only shows the scenes in the clinic but also shows how other one’s comments in the abortion issue.  I like the project because it includes much thinkings of social psychology. Previously, I also shared a link about how designers use VR experience to represent the news, it’s not only represented the news itself but also put people in it the environment and let them feel. It’s an empathy VR experience to for public to understand other’s stories. .Indira is currently developing works on murder news and comments on social media, and I think that’s really cool. Leah’s “Lube Rive” project is very cool, and it’s a  really creative way to promote positive sex education.