Resound to Tina Sauerlander

This week, we have our guest speaker Tina, and she is one of the creators of the website Radiance VR. This website is a platform created for saving, categorizing and sharing virtual reality artworks. I believe it’s a good way to collect and organize our own VR piece because by using the website like radiance we can not only organize our projects but also collect VR sources online. Moreover, we also discuss the history of VR. Recently, I also did some research on VR history, and I believe VR will become more accessible and mature in the future. I noticed the category of web VR, compared to other products, web VR seems more accessible to the public, and I think it will be more and more popular in the future.

Tina also mentioned the standalone equipment Oculus Quest. Actually, I tried to use the oculus quest to develop my project at the beginning, but there are a lot of difficulties for me to overcome during the developing process. It’s a quiet new VR equipment, which is not as mature as oculus rift and HTV Vive, but I also agree with the point that the wireless VR headset will be the future.