Future Presence: How Virtual Reality Is Changing Human Connection, Intimacy, and the Limits of Ordinary Life


Author Peter Rubin’s background as a magazine reporter and VR expert makes him insightful and sensitive on many issues. The book explores how the new technology, VR, is changing the way people communicate, entertain themselves, and even the way they relate to each other. I think virtual reality has changed the way people live in the world. This new technology can change the way people feel about themselves and put our senses and brains in high society.

Empathy is mentioned in the book. I think VR has dramatically enhanced the role of empathy compared with traditional media because VR experience has added many multi-sensory experiences, which have increased the sense of adventure that traditional media do not have. I have also explored the topic of VR empathy in this semester. If users want to deepen their empathy experience, they still need to participate in the project. After all, due to the limited technical means at present, the virtual world is not as realistic as the real world. Only by creating the experience that is genuinely relevant to the user can they have a relatively secure empathic experience.

This book has given me a lot of inspiration and reminded me of many related movies, such as Source Code and Ready Player One. Source Code describes the future world in which people can transfer their consciousness to parallel space or an unreal world. So this completely changes the way people exist. Perhaps for the sake of our noumenon, we can disappear and live in the virtual world as consciousness. Could it be immortality in a different way? We are just beginning to explore the virtual world, and I believe the future is immeasurable.

In Ready Player One, the future world is also depicted. VR has wholly changed that future, changing the way people communicate, the way they live, and people are crazy about things in virtual reality.

A lot of people think it’s a problem to live in the virtual world, but I think it’s tough to say. Because we’ve just changed the way, we exist in the world. In the virtual world, many original congenital diseases and racial discrimination can be the diluted world.