Reading Respond to “Virtual Reality vs. (Actual) Reality: Your Mind’s View of Reality Isn’t Often ‘Real'”.

The article mentioned a statement I really agree is that “Merely availing people of so-called immersive technologies, even digital ones, doesn’t guarantee psychological immersion.”

Think about that, when we just playing the virtual reality video game, we may not think that’s true and it’s a real thing. However, the true reason for why virtual technology can bring us virtual immersion is because we gain empathy. As the article said, humans are immersed in social media-facilitated illusions they perceive as real, especially if they are unaware of, or not thinking about, how the visual, auditory, and other stimuli were created. When people get the real feeling is because they got the empathy of psychology or sociology they got in their real life. In this case, when we design a project, we should pay attention to the thoughts, intentions, politics, and poetics behind that project.

How to get that kind empathy?  The unconscious natural reactions of human beings best reflect how they deal with problems in society and how they communicate with society. In the article, the author mentioned  Cade McCall’s experiment, and in this experiment, scientists use humans’ natural physical body reactions to tract people’s behavior in the virtual world and help to know when people’s minds are truly immersed psychologically in illusory or virtual reality. The stigma – VR model combined with cardiovascular threat index can be used to divide the psychological immersed in the physical reality and a subsequent phase transition period between immersion in virtual reality, and can match the simultaneous neural imaging technology. With this technology to help research, I believe it can help designers to create more virtual reality world that can truly cause the psychological immersive experience to people.

Field Study and Dream/Daydream Study

Field Study Video


This   video provides a first-person perspective of the process open the mailbox to pick up the mail.

Dream/Daydream Study


I don’t remember the exact content of the dream, but I feel like that was a dream I had before, the people I met in the previous dream also appear and also the environment.


I dreamed about I have too many KFC and my hand starts to grow the sixth finger. It’s a kind of horror. Because I think I eat too many fast foods this week.


I dreamed about we become friends with a music band I like, and my boyfriend, me, and that band go traveling together. On the bus, we have a nice chatting time.


I don’t remember anything.


I dreamed about on an open space, I stay with many of my primary school classmates and friends. We have not met for a long time, but we gathered in the dream at that time. In the dream we were talking to each other at the beginning and suddenly some strangers start to chasing us and we rode away. I was riding a very tall horse, and I could feel the ride, and there was also a feeling that I was a little bit worry and wasn’t very confident about my riding skills. After we had evaded the pursuers, I stopped my horse, and finally, I find what I rode was a big horse made of paper. That scared me felt unbelievable, and I wake up.


I dreamed that my good friend and I attend the wedding of a celebrity. I was late, and I didn’t have any appetite at that time. I was looking for someone in the during the whole wedding, and leave my seat to find him/ her. But I don’t remember who she/ he was. Then I returned to my seat. At this time, all the people at the table actually started the lunch break.


I dreamed that I was playing my phone, and I saw people can share folders on the “moments” part of the social media platform – Wechat. And I klick the folder, and saw a lot of my pictures in the folder.

3D Environment

I created the environment of a magic sky with the ship and some sea creatures fly in the sky .

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 5.51.13 PMScreen Shot 2019-09-17 at 5.51.32 PM