Play Experiences of VR 

Sunday, I experienced the VR equipment in the XR Lab, and it’s a nice experience for me. I tried two different equipment – Oculus Quest and HTC Vive, which one is wireless and another one is tied. I actually have a quest at home but don’t have the HTC one, and I can feel the differences between them.

Both of them provide me the engagement and immersion to the VR world, I still remembered that when I play the Saber Beats on HTC I really emerged in the music and movement in the game, and I even don’t recognize I moved a lot. I also like Quest because it’s wireless, and I really like the first introduction experience I played. It’s my second time to play that, but I still like to dance with the cute character in the virtual, and it’s smiling really makes me feel happy. When I back to the home, I keep spending some time to continue playing with my VR, and there is a game about fishing, the cozy environment makes me so calm and relax.