WRITE collaboratively a team analysis of the feedback you received in class on your COLLABORATION presentation.


We presented the first iteration of our Collaboration project this past Tuesday and received a lot of feedback that we will use as we continue to work on our project. Our presentation as a whole was applauded for its flow and structure and the idea of interacting with the audience at the beginning by Dhruv and keeping the user at the center of the problem was appreciated. We got quite a bit of positive feedback on the project soundtrack (shoutout to Saki!). There were a few suggestions to implement heavy metal music into our more aggressive room, which we will definitely look into. Another suggestion was that we approach our aggressive room carefully, as Virtual Reality in itself is foreign and stressful to many, so perhaps an aggressive room would stress the user out even further. They definitely made a strong point, and we will definitely approach the aggressive room with empathy and compassion to the user. 


The accessibility portion of the project which Shrek spoke about launched our class into a very spirited discussion about how accessible actually in VR. For now, we only focus on accessibility for those with color blindness but we will definitely look into how can we make our project more accessible to those with other impairments in the near future. As a class, it seems that we are very curious about accessibility in VR and we will do our best in making the project more accessible.